Tuesday, March 29, 2011


In our twenties, we all have this life we picture for ourselves some day. For me, it's a man who makes me laugh, two kids, Emma and Oliver (who will be known as Ollie), way too many dogs, and an old house with a porch and a big yard.

I'll own my own business, so i'll be a working mom, but I'll be great at it. Being a good lover is kind of who I am. Packing lunches, writing notes and planning let's skip school days for a trip to the zoo will be what I do. Giving my man back rubs, watching what he eats, and making him feel like he is the sexiest man on earth (which by the way, he will be to me) will be what I do.

And even on the worst days, it'll still be what I do. Because if I get it all, the man, the kids, the dogs and the porch - well, I'll be the luckiest girl in the world. I don't want all of those things because that's what society tells me I am supposed to have. I want those things because I want to create a happy, loving family. I want all of those things if they are meant for me. 

So this blog, this is named for Emma and Ollie, the kids I may never have. This blog is for all the things in life right now that fill me up and remind me that I am forever capable of having the greatest loving relationship of all - the one with myself.

To every woman who is unsure of where life will lead her, here is to you. I hope whatever your some day is finds you. And if it doesn't, I hope you love yourself just the same and realize whatever some day finds you was the one that was perfectly meant to be. 

live in love - j.

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