"Fashion is what you buy, style is what you have."

Need a new wardrobe but can't afford it? That's where I come in. Let me peruse your closet and show you how to wear old things in new ways. 

Sessions with me are quick, easy and worth every penny. Shopping your closet with me will cost $75. We all know you can't even buy a cute blouse for that.

Sessions last approximately one hour. Hey, if I love your closet I will most certainly get lost in it.
You will have at least 10 new looks by the end of the session - styled from head to toe.
Photos of your new looks will be taken and sent to you in a digital look book, which you can access online, on your phone or print for your closet.

Late night sessions will also include a cheap bottle of red wine. If you are of age obviously, and want to get a little rowdy. Kidding. The wine is to help you relax. Shopping (even if it is your own closet) is supposed to be fun, creative and fill you with confidence.